Experience the Difference

Natural Paths to Wellness was founded on the premises that there is a better way to approach your health by providing compliments and alternatives to modern medicine that inspire our community to think differently about their individual healthcare options and wellness potential. 

Our mission is to commit the time and collaboration necessary to educate each individual on comprehensive evidence-based natural healthcare solutions that go far beyond symptom management. Centuries-old knowledge will be blended with a modern understanding and testing of body systems empowering our patients to cure and prevent disease.

Patients often walk in at the end of their rope with no direction in sight to resolve life's toughest health challenges and leave with holistic alternatives that restore their spirit and the hope that vitality can be achieved naturally.

Our Naturopathic Doctors

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Dr. Jessica Shoemaker

Dr. Heather DeLuca

Dr. Leia Anderson

Dr. Ashlyn Zikmund

Our Administrative Staff

Laura Bickhart

Office Manager


Noelle Studer

Administrative Assistant

Additional Services

Zaina Keeley

Certified Professional Midwife

Sarah Glunz

Liscensed Nutritionist

"This was the BEST visit I have ever had with a medical provider! We spent almost two hours talking over my concerns and finding solutions. She didn't rush me or undervalue my symptoms. I have been telling everyone how awesome Dr. Leia is!"

-Jane D.