The Naturopathic Model of Care

When assessing an individual’s health our Naturopathic practitioners take a variety of factors into consideration:

Seeing the Whole Picture



A patient’s diet is the framework for health and healing…and unfortunately also disease. At Natural Paths to Wellness we take the time to evaluate your food and beverage intake, caffeine intake, caloric status, timing of meals and toxic and addicting ingredients. We weight the benefits and risks of popular ‘diet’ strategies and build a health promoting ‘diet’ that is right for you.

Nutrient Status

A lot of assumptions are made in medicine that patients are eating and assimilating the nutrients from their food that they need to heal.  Often times we find this isn't true.  Our nutrient tests look both at white blood cell levels as well as lymphocyte levels (which represent the last 3 months) of a patient’s nutritional status, allowing our practitioners to make appropriate adjustments when indicated.

Allergies and Food Intolerances

It is important to ensure that the foods we are eating are not part of what is making us sick. Food sensitivities/intolerances lead to a background level of inflammation that can be the cause of disease and inhibit health. Conventional food allergy testing does not cover the gamut of how our body can be sensitive or intolerant to a food. At Natural Paths to Wellness we run extensive food sensitivity testing, both IgG and White blood cell reaction and educate the patient on their customized dietary approach.

Endocrine (Hormone) Balance

The health of your endocrine system and the relationships between hormone secreting organs dictates your quality of life. So often, simple underlying imbalances in one or several organ systems (thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, testes, heart) cause a laundry list of symptoms for patients. The most common are fatigue, weight gain, poor focus/concentration, mood imbalance, food cravings and insomnia, to name a few. At Natural Paths to Wellness we assess hormone status and balance to recommend restorative therapies that dramatically improve your quality of life.

Toxicity / Antioxidants

Our daily environment poses many threats to our immune system and health. In order to understand how our body can combat these insults, we must understand our ‘toxic load’ and our antioxidant status. At Natural Paths to Wellness we assess toxicity such as heavy metals, environmental chemicals, molds, dysbiosis, parasites and nutrient toxicity as well as evaluate how well our detoxification mechanisms are ‘keeping up’.

Digestion / Absorption

Optimal nutrient digestion and fermentation are essential to absorb vitamins and minerals from our food and create healthy bowel movements. Many medications sabotage these two processes and reduce the quality of life for patients across the globe. So many people are spending money and time with supplements and products and have no guarantee they are ‘landing’ in the body where they should. At Natural Paths to Wellness we extensively assess gut function and parameters of absorption and health of the GI lining to ensure your efforts will go to fruition.

Genetics / Lifestyle

Our environment and lifestyle choices have a direct influence on whether or not our genetic DNA is expressed. It is important to understand a patient’s genetic/family background as well as the extensive daily lifestyle choices they make. This understanding allows our practitioners to educate patients on how to optimize their unique DNA and avoid unfortunate pitfalls. We believe that understanding our genetics will be a huge component of future healthcare.


Naturopathic doctors are the only alternative healthcare specialists trained in the interactions between pharmaceuticals, botanical / herbal medicine, and nutrient / supplement therapies. So many patients are taking drugs and products that negatively interact with each other and are potentially doing ‘harm’. In addition, many drugs deplete certain nutrients from the body causing an extensive list of adverse reactions. At Natural Paths to Wellness we are searching for these possible mistakes in our patient’s health regiment and working to correct them and restore optimal safety of drug and nutrient usage. 


Medicine is a Partnership

We are committed to allow ample time, and collaboration necessary to educate each individual on comprehensive evidence-based solutions that go far beyond symptom management. Centuries old knowledge will be blended with a modern understanding and testing of body systems empowering patients to cure and prevent disease. 

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