Probiotic Gut Health

80% of our immune system is housed in the GI Track. The balance of microbes referred to as our Microbiome can either lend itself to vibrant health or cause many Chronic Diseases.

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Factors that Imbalance
the Microbiome

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Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Capsule

Contains no dairy, corn, wheat, gluten, salt, sugar, soy or artificial colors and flavors.


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BACILLUS PROBIOTICS -Don't simply reseed the digestive track but recondition by feeding healthful bacteria and eliminating harmful ones.

SURVIVE STOMACH ACID - 99% survival rate to intestinal tract because of protective spore form.

VITAMIN AND ANTI-OXIDANT FACTORY - Produces entire spectrum of B Vitamins and powerful Antioxidants in that are directly absorbed in the GI tract.

UNCOMMONLY RESISTANT - Strong enough to withstand broad spectrum antibiotic treatment.

CLINICALLY PROVEN - To heal leaky gut and prevent Metabolic Endotoxemia in 30 days.

RAVE REVIEWS - Users have also reported more energy, better sleep and less sugar cravings because these strains are helping combat yeast overgrowth.

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