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Zaina Mary Keeley, CPM
Certified Professional Midwife


Certified Professional Midwife certified through NARM

Independent Home Birth Practice for 10 years

Member of Midwives Alliance of North America

Member of National Association of Certified Professional Midwives

Trained with Spinning Babies and Breech Without Borders


I believe that pregnancy and birth is a sacred time for families and that they should be treated with respect and with complete informed consent. The midwifery model of care views birth as a normal process that can involve the whole family and helps to make birth a normal part of life and our culture. Unfortunately, this view and support is tremendously lacking in our society. It is important to me that this is an option for women and their families.

I am passionate about the benefits of home birth and I am blessed to witness these all of the time. Home birth has numerous benefits for low risk pregnancies when supervised by a trained provider. Birth is also an emotional and spiritual event. Knowing who your care provider will be and being familiar and comfortable with that provider makes a huge difference. I am proud to walk closely with women through this time of their lives.


Our birth stories as women and how we come into this world as babies define us as people and will always be carried with us. It is my hope and joy to support both mother and baby in achieving the best possible outcome.  When a child comes into the world in this way their experience is peaceful, supported, and honored. ! 


I originally went to college for Engineering. I still love math. And now my son is headed off to college to become an Engineer.

My son was born in Maui, where we lived for three years, and have visited often. And my daughter was born in Napa Valley, CA.


I really enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking.


I home-schooled my kids through all of their school years except some high school. And I loved it!


We have two children, now working their way through college. We had an amazing active childhood with them and we were often on an adventure, in the woods, on the river, or traveling. We are looking forward to continuing that with their future families. My amazing husband and children have supported me through many years of running to births and serving other families for many long hours.


"Zaina has helped my family and I bring 2 babies into this world. When we first met Zaina, her peace and confidence reassured us instantly and we knew she would be our midwife. Throughout my pregnancy she was knowledgeable, supportive, caring and always there when I needed her. When it came time to deliver; she stood by my side, respected my wishes and supported my birth. I always felt safe and loved."

Brooke R.

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