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A Natural Approach to Anxiety and Depression

When you are struggling with anxiety and depression your true self can seem hard to find. Anxiety causes you to miss out on opportunities and social connections while depression drains you of motivation and the ability to find joy in daily living. Projects go undone, moments lost and life seems to be passing you by.

Sometimes, anxiety and depression are caused by unresolved personal issues, but many times have a strong medical aspect as well. Hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, chronic pain, drug side effects, viral and toxin loads and compromised immunity can all play a role.

Anti-depressants and anti anxiety medications deal with the symptoms but not the cause of these challenges. These medications have many well-known side effects such as weight gain, low libido, fatigue, and feeling removed from life. Overtime your body develops a tolerance for these drugs and they lose their effectiveness leaving you with the original problem or forcing you to move to a different drug that starts the cycle all over again.

Fortunately there is another choice available to our patients in Central Pennsylvania and the greater Harrisburg area seeking relief from anxiety and depression.

At Natural paths your first appointment is 90 minutes long so we can assess all aspects of your symptoms and create a customized plan with a treatment protocol that starts the same day as your appointment. We will prescribe botanical medicines that support the same pathways that pharmaceutical drugs sabotage offering you immediate relief while we craft a long term solution.

Careful testing allows us to uncover the hidden pieces that have been stealing your motivation and keeping you from feeling safe. Our goal is to strengthen your body and mind to end the cycle of drug dependence and free you to live a full and joyful life.

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