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Treating and Preventing Type II Diabetes

For many of our patients a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is a wake up call. Often times, they have been trying or intending to make diet and lifestyle changes, but now the fear of oncoming nerve pain, insulin dependence, loss of eyesight, dialysis and increased cancer risk have made those changes non-negotiable. The good new is that Type 2 diabetes is 100% reversible through diet and lifestyle modifications.

It’s no surprise given the standard American diet that is high in sugar and processed foods coupled with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that 35% of adults are on track for type 2 diabetes. It takes an effort of will and careful planning to chart a different course from the road food corporations and factory farms would have you travel.

Medications like Metformin allow many people to continue unhealthy habits by manually lowering their blood sugar. Unfortunately, this creates a pharmaceutical ladder where increasingly stronger doses and categories of drugs are used to manage the problem until there are no more pharmaceutical solutions and dialysis is the only option.

Physicians simply don’t have the time during increasingly shorter appointments to educate and support patients to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices and old habits often go unchanged.

In Central Pennsylvania and the greater Harrisburg area people have another option when it comes to preventing and treating Type 2 Diabetes.

At natural paths, we use nutritional and botanical medicine to address insulin resistance and mitigate the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. We take the time to educate you on the dramatic changes to diet and lifestyle that are necessary to reverse your diabetes disease process. In addition, we get out in front of possible complications like neuropathy, infections, loss of eyesight and cancer with targeted preventative medicine.

Early into treatment, our patients report improved energy, better sleep, stable moods and fewer infections. We want to be your partner and provide you the knowledge and support you need each step of the way to make a clean break from the increasingly grim consequences of a diabetic lifestyle.


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