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Natural Relief for Digestive Issues

Living with a compromised digestive system is not only be painful, but incredibly disrupting as well. Uncertainty around bowel movements can leave you planning your day around the bathroom while gas; bloating, heartburn, cramping and feeling full take the joy out of meals. Other digestive conditions like Chron’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome just plain hurt and can leave you worn out, depleted and exhausted.

The standard American diet combined with stress, medications, systemic inflammation, imbalanced gut flora and food sensitivities wreck havoc with natural digestive processes and lead to all sorts of illness and symptoms.

Unfortunately, the mainstream medical approach to most digestive issues is to suppress your symptoms and administer drugs that act like crutches for a compromised system. Laxatives, Acid blockers, immunosuppressant’s and antibiotics just cover over the problem and set you up for a lifetime of pharmaceutical dependency. Removing your gall bladder or even entire sections of your colon are often a last ditch effort to get rid of weakened parts of a system that should be thriving instead.

At NPTW we take a different approach. We offer our patients in Central Pennsylvania and the greater Harrisburg an alternative to traditional allopathic care. We work to strengthen the natural processes of digestion and absorption through the 4 R’s of healing.

First we remove the causes of distress. Careful testing allows us to identify what is causing inflammation and imbalance and eliminate it from your system.

Then we replace the missing nutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria that are necessary for healthy function.

Thirdly we repair leaky gut and the damage to the digestive system using natural supplements and healing foods.

Lastly we rebalance your digestive system so that it can operate as intended.

Digestive issues don’t just happen and there can be many contributing factors resulting in a wide variety of symptoms and disease. Ultimately treatment will depend on your individual situation and challenges. As naturopathic Physicians we are trained to track symptoms to their cause and work with your body to restore health.

Our approach can free you from the pain and restrictions of digestive issues allowing you to focus on your life instead of your digestion.


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