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Natural Solutions for Insomnia and Fatigue

Being fatigued is more than just feeling tired. It’s living through a haze of dull heaviness that makes everything in life more difficult.

You still want to participate in life but you simply don’t have the energy. Even simple things are more stressful when you are fatigued and you often wonder how long you can keep doing it all.

While fatigue can be a symptom of it’s own, it is often paired with insomnia. While others are resting from their day, you are up tossing and turning missing out on being restored and renewed by sleep. You lay there wondering if I’m so tired, why can’t I sleep or quiet my mind and settle down?

Fatigue and Insomnia can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Hormonal imbalances, Nutrient deficiencies from improper diet or poor absorption due to compromised GI function leave you feeling like you are running on empty. Neurotransmitter imbalances, burnout, stress and anxiety often play a large part. In some cases, insomnia is caused by chronic pain that keeps you from sleeping comfortably. Side effects from pharmaceuticals and ongoing infections and toxin loads can rob your body of vital energy and interrupt circadian rhythms.

Mainstream medicine has few tools to deal with Fatigue. Unless you are anemic or severely hypothyroid, most of the tests they administer are not sophisticated or sensitive enough to identify the cause of your fatigue.

Patients are often prescribed amphetamines; basically speed, to make it through their day. Sleep aids that knock you out allowing you to sleep through the night don’t leave you feeling refreshed upon waking because being tranquilized is not the same as healthy REM sleep.

Fortunately for patients in Central Pennsylvania and the Greater Harrisburg area there is a natural alternative to these ineffective treatments.

At NPTW we know that for every 10 patients who are dealing with insomnia or fatigue we can have 10 different causes. That’s why we take 90 minutes in our initial consultation and use specialized labs and tests to understand your unique situation. Identifying and treating subclinical hormone deficiencies can make a huge difference in your energy level. In addition, we have the ability to map your circadian rhythm or sleep wake cycle to understand exactly what is happening with your internal clock.

Breaking free from the cloud of fatigue and getting a good night’s sleep is critical to a joyful active life. If you are tired of being tired, and want to find out what’s been holding you back, book a consultation today.


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