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A Holistic approach to ADD/ADHD

Attention disorders can affect every aspect of your child’s life. They may have a hard time keeping up in school, struggling with social situations, or experience conflict with teachers and staff. Your home life can be challenging as well as you try to manage their behaviors and parent them through rapidly changing moods.

Children and teens with Attention disorders often sleep poorly and being tired only makes their situation worse.

Causes of ADD range from neurotransmitter imbalances, to nutrient deficiencies, to genetic inabilities to break down certain hormones.

The medications prescribed by mainstream doctors create an artificial neurotransmitter balance by flooding the brain with serotonin and other hormones. This violates the natural on and off pulse of brain chemistry regulation. These medications radically alter the brain during important developmental years and have many unintended side effects.

Fortunately there is another more natural approach available to parents and children of Central Pa and the greater Harrisburg area.

At Natural Paths we take time to understand why your child is struggling. We assess neurotransmitter balance with a sophisticated test that measures 14 different levels and metabolites.

We discover nutrient deficiencies that lead to imbalances in brain chemistry as well as removing foods and toxins that are aggravating your child’s nervous system. We also can test individual genetic vulnerabilities to ensure that all foundational problems are being adequately addressed. Finally, we balance their circadian rhythm so your child can rest well and awake feeling refreshed and focused.

The intention of our treatment is to re-establish natural healthy brain chemistry and give your child a chance to thrive. When the aggravating factors are cleared and focus returns, children have an equal playing field at school and in relationships. Restoring harmony to your home and empowering your child is the goal of our holistic approach.


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