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Balancing Hormones Naturally

The symptoms of an endocrine imbalance can take many forms. You might be chronically fatigued or constantly struggling to lose weight even while doing all the right things. Low libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle tone, poor cognition and difficulty sleeping can leave you feeling diminished as a man or woman.

We refer to Thyroid or adrenal dysfunction as the great masqueraders because they can mimic so many other diseases and show up in such a wide variety of ways.

The causes of endocrine imbalances are as wide-ranging as it’s symptoms. Pituitary stress, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, yeast overgrowth, adrenal exhaustion, poor sleep, and chronic infections are only some of the possible causes. The inability to produce testosterone and other hormones, imbalances in the gut brain axis and hormone recycling due to constipation can also play a role.

The increasingly short appointment times that most conventional doctors provide for patients is simply not enough time to unravel these complex issues. While synthetic thyroid hormone is sometimes a necessary solution lifetime prescriptions should be a last resort not the first stop. Treating the symptoms of endocrine imbalance and not the cause can leave you with many undesirable side effects.

At Natural Paths to Wellness, we help patients in Central Pennsylvania and the greater Harrisburg area balance hormones with a Natural Approach.

This is the reason we take 90 minutes in your first appointment to understand all the factors that are relating to your symptoms. After careful hormone testing, we prescribe botanical medicines that nourish your endocrine glands and strengthen them to the point that they no longer need hormone supplementation. We have targeted protocols for detoxing each glandular system and removing the chronic infections, yeast, and viral loads that are keeping them from optimal performance.

It’s a great feeling to finally understand the mysterious symptoms and causes that are associated with endocrine imbalances.Once we’ve removed the hurdles in your way, the field is leveled and you get the equal results back for the energy you put into maintaining your health.


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