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Finding Relief from Chronic Pain

When you are living with chronic pain your normal cycles of activity are broken. You no longer ask yourself what you feel like doing, but instead first check in to find out “how bad is it today” and plan from there. The sports, leisure activities, play, or simple household chores that you used to enjoy are often placed out of reach.

Whether your pain is caused by Osteo or Rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, injuries that won’t heal, fibromyalgia, migraines or nerve pain associated with Diabetes it’s a constant drag on your body and mind.

Unfortunately most mainstream medical treatments are designed to mask the symptoms of pain with painkillers. Long term use of Acetaminophen and NSAIDs like ibuprofen can impair liver and kidney function. In addition, these painkillers damage the intestinal lining and lead to all manner of bowel disease. Narcotic painkillers come with their own set of side effects and addiction is a real possibility. The numbing affect of painkillers often lends itself to overdoing it; further damaging inflamed joints, which leads to surgeries that could have been prevented with proper treatment.

People in Central Pennsylvania and the greater Harrisburg area have another option. At NPTW we take a two-prong approach to treating chronic pain. Identify and treat the cause of inflammation and supplement with vital nutrients and botanicals that allow your body to heal weakened connective tissue.

Inflammation can have many causes, but once it has been indentified through proper testing, diet, supplements, hydrotherapy and nature cures can be used to restore healthy function. If your pain is caused by some underlying condition like Diabetes or Fibromyalgia, by treating the underlying illness, we can resolve the painful symptoms that result.

Naturopathy has so much to offer in the treatment of chronic pain. Our patients are constantly surprised how much better they can feel after a few simple changes. Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing freedom of movement. With proper diet, supplementation and treatment of underlying causes, you can take back control of your life from chronic pain and live it on your own terms.


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