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Women's Health Solutions

The monthly and lifetime cycles we go through as women play a big role in our overall health and happiness.

Too often, however we hear women refer to their menstrual cycle as nightmare week. When you factor in the week before their cycle, many women spend half of every month feeling poorly. PMS, cramping, breakouts, breast tenderness, wildly fluctuating emotions and irregular cycles make for a challenging time of the month.

As women age and their bodies change menopause presents some women with it’s own set of problems. Hot flashes, low libido, night sweats and vaginal dryness often interrupt their lives and relationships.

The sad thing is that women who have issues with their menstrual cycles go often go on to have problems in menopause. This is because the hormone, diet and lifestyle issues that contributed to their menstrual symptoms never got properly addressed.

Hormonal imbalances can eventually lead to endometriosis, fibroids, and fibrocystic breasts and even cancer further diminishing a women’s sense of wholeness.

Other women are frustrated by recurring yeast and urinary tract infections that are caused by compromised vaginal and intestinal flora.

Our patients report being shocked that their doctors seem to have two options. Hormones or surgery. If you are having menstrual challenges, they prescribe birth control pills. If you are struggling with menopause, they dose you with more hormones. If neither of these work, hysterectomy’s or mastectomy’s are often the next step. When it comes to infections, antibiotics or anti-fungal medications might kill the infection but it’s bound to return unless the flora is addressed.

For women in Central Pennsylvania and the Greater Harrisburg area there is a third option for finding balance, Naturopathic Medicine.

At NPTW we don’t just throw more hormones at a hormone problem. If your hormones are out of balance that means your body is out of balance. It’s our experience that when the underlying cause is addressed, hormones level out. We start by testing your hormones rather than a one-size fits all approach.

From there we determine why that level is high or low and use botanical medicines to address the underlying issues. Sometimes we need to detoxify the liver so it can do its job and other times there are dietary changes that need to be made. Probiotic therapy restores healthy flora to the vaginal and intestinal environment and other botanicals are used to heal damaged tissue.

These women’s’ health issues are not simply a part of being a woman that you need to put up with. When you support your body through it’s natural cycles, addressing underlying causes and providing essential nutrients you can discover a newfound harmony with your feminine nature.


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